Business Menu B



A choice of sandwiches on white and brown bread

Pan fried lemon chicken breast with sage & onion stuffing and mayo

Roast beef with red onion and horseradish sauce

Mature Cheddar cheese with home-made pickle / tomatoes (v)

Tuna mayo with cucumber and black pepper

Ham & tomato / ham &  mustard dressing

Egg mayo with cress (v)

Smoked mackerel with lime & mayo dressing

Humus with tomato & rocket leaves  (vegan) 

Spicy bean & cucumber (vegan)

BLT - Bacon, lettuce & tomato


Menu B

A selection of the above sandwiches

Crisps and nibbles

Assorted cakes

Fresh fruit (melon, oranges, pineapple)

Price: 20-40 people = £7.00 per head : 40+ people = £6.00 per head



Our business lunch menus: 

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If you require assistance please call us on 01227 274 601 or mobile 07938 859 674

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