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Call us on 01227 274601 or Mobile 07938 859674. Click the contact us button for more methods.

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Below are some frequently asked questions with answers provided.

If you do need more information about Temple Foods, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail or give us a call on 01227 274601.


Q. How much notice do I need to give you to book? 

A. As much notice as possible for special occasions, i.e. weddings, parties & large events.  These are on a first come first served basis and only one event would be catered for in a day.  For business lunches and small local events, five days notice if possible, but we would always try our best to accommodate you.


Q. Do you supply china plates as well as disposables?

A. Yes, we have a stock of china dinner plates, side plates and bowls etc. and also stainless steel cutlery. There is an extra charge for this service


Q. How much deposit do I need to pay in advance? 

A. A deposit of £50 will secure your booking and it is non refundable.  We may ask for a bit more for large events.


Q. Now the big question – how much will it cost? 

A. The cost depends on the number of guests per party/event to cater for – the higher the number the lower the cost. It is also dependent on whether you choose to go for china crockery or disposable, whether you want a dessert, and of course what type of food – whether you want a plain and simple buffet or something more adventurous.   Prices are set for business lunches and funerals to keep things easy.  There are also some guide prices on the wedding and party menus.  For a larger event the best thing to do is phone for a discussion and a quote. It may not cost as much as you think!!


Q. Can you mix the menus to make your own combination?

A. Yes – mix and match all you want, or we can suggest menus for you.


Q. Who would actually be making our food?

A.  We do all the cooking ourselves here at Temple Foods and it would be John making the majority of the food and Sue joining in with any cakes and puddings.  We don't out source any of our catering.  


Q. Do you employ waiting staff.

A. Yes, we have our own waiters and waitresses who we bring in for large events.


Q.  Do you provide drinks?

A.  We can provide tea, coffee & soft drinks but we don't provide alcoholic drinks.


Q.  What happens about payment?

A. For large events a deposit of £50 should be sent to us if you wish to secure the date. Cheques should be made payable to Temple Foods and sent to us as 62 Canterbury Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4HD.  We will then send you a receipt and your booking is conformed.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NON-REFUNDABLE should you wish to cancel.

The balance of money should be sent to us to be received one week prior to the event. 

For small events at short notice such as funerals the payment can be sent straight away.

For businesses and regular events such as business lunches, accounts can be set up for payments. 


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