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Our catering business is quite diverse and takes us in many different directions - this is how we keep going and what makes us both tick and we're not ones to stand still and let the grass grow under our feet.

So on the cake side of things this week, this is what's been happening:

On Saturday we did our usual veggie/vegan stall at the Whitstable Farmers Market.  It's mainly savouries but we do a small amount of cake.  What goes down best and we daren't stop making it now is the chocolate beetroot cake.  Its so moist and flavoursome and the customers keep coming back for more, so that's great.  We made two huge cakes, cut them into slices and sold the lot, along with a batch of delicious cranberry & orange scones.  Boo! None left for us!!

Tuesday was one of our pop-up restaurants, a veggie / vegan night, and the dessert was a chocolate cake served with fresh fruit.  The cake is quite easy to make but without the aid of eggs you have to rely on a little magic to make it rise.  I twice sift the flour, add an extra teaspoon of baking powder and use vegetable oil instead of butter.  Then its all in the stirring, slowly does it.  Anyway, the plates came back empty so that's good enough proof for us.  There was also a birthday cake ordered as a surprise for one of the vegan guests and this was received very favourably - it was nice to put a smile on someone's face and be a part of making their day special.

Thursday this week was spent shopping and then foraging. It's blackberry time and I love this time of year. These beautiful berries are so delicious raw or cooked in cakes, pies or made into a fruit compote and eaten for breakfast - what a way to start the day!  And they include "anthorcyanins" which are rich brain protecting plant compounds, so a handful a day and you can't go wrong apparently.  



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